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Compliance Reports

Windows AD Compliance Reporting Tool

Today, "compliance" is as important to an organization as its business is! With the advent of regulatory acts like SOX and HIPAA, an organization's compliance requirements have undergone a radical change. It is no longer about a perfunctory maintenance of company's financial records for a cursory audit, but an elaborate record of day-to-day activities for periods recommended by the regulatory act; never miss any information that constitutes financial data and leave no room for data manipulation is the motto of these regulatory acts. Though this enhances security, the sheer complexity of the process is enervating, especially with no comprehensive reporting system in the native Windows or Active Directory, the beehive of all organization's activities. These days it has become near impossible to meet compliance requirements without the help of a compliance software!

The reporting system of ADManager Plus is an effective compliance software in itself, addressing all the issues of compliance management. It solves this problem conveniently by delving into the core of the native Windows and Active Directory to fetch and even export all the required data for audit compliance. What is more, unlike the native AD tools, PowerShell scripts, etc. this tool presents these data in a user-friendly format with plenty of filters to view the desired segments of information. Any piece of information, which is required to meet regulatory compliance such as HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, GLBA compliance , SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) compliance and GDPR compliance can be extracted and also exported conveniently.

Following are the various types of reports provided by ADManager Plus.

AD Objects Permissions Reports

Server Permissions Report


ADManager Plus generates permissions report for Active Directory users/ groups on servers. These permissions for Servers list the users/groups that have access to the selected servers.

  • The associated access permissions clearly indicate the level of access an user/ group has on the server.
  • This also lists the permissions for the various users/groups on the server and also on what object these permissions applies to.
  • Administrators can easily verify the permissions of specific users by generating the report for the specific server and use this report as a security mechanism to prevent any threat.

This tool also offers a free download of its trial version that allows you to explore its reporting engine in detail.

Subnet Permissions Report


ADManager Plus Subnet Permissions lists the users/groups that have access to the selected subnets. The three levels of security include: folder level, server level and subnet level. The permissions provided by this report are used to monitor the subnet level permission for the users/groups. The report showcases three important details:

  • The location of the users/groups that have access to subnets
  • The access type and associated permissions
  • The level of access provided to the users/groups.

With this report, the administrator can ensure that unauthorized users are denied access on the selected subnets.

Servers accessible by Accounts Report


Servers accessible by accounts report lists the servers that can be accessed by the specified users/groups. This provides a detailed report DNS name and also the role of the servers which are accessible by the selected users/groups.

  • A detailed report on the permissions allowed on the servers and also the level of permissions allowed on these servers is provided.
  • Administrators can monitor the permission for users on the servers with this report and ensure security is not compromised.

Subnets accessible by Accounts Report


This is another very important report, which helps an administrator define a tighter security policy and also meet security compliance.

  • The report provides information about all the users/groups that have access to specified subnets.
  • Not just a list of access permissions, but a complete report about the extent of those permissions is provided.
  • Using these, administrators can secure subnets from unwanted access or control a user's access to it.

AD Objects accessible by Accounts Report


Administrators need to monitor every access privilege of the accounts. This includes the access on all the objects in the active directory. These reports provide all the AD objects that are accessible by the selected accounts. The report can be filtered based on the access type ie: any control or full control.The permissions also include account's level of access on the AD objects.

Non-inheritable Objects Report


Security of the AD objects is very essential for administrators and special attention should be paid so that it does not get compromised through features like inheritance of permissions. By displaying the complete list of non-inheritable objects (in a selected domain), this report makes it easy for administrators to ensure critical objects does not possess inheritable permissions.

All these reports help an administrator to tighten the security cordon. They are comprehensive enough to meet any type of compliance requirement, be it HIPAA or SOX or even specific security compliance laid down by business parties.

Other features

Active Directory Management

Make your everyday Active Directory management tasks easy and light with ADManager Plus's AD Management features. Create, modify and delete users in a few clicks!

Active Directory User Reports

Exhaustive reporting on Active Directory Users and user-attributes. Generate reports in user-activity in your Active Directory. Perform user-management actions right from the report interface!

Active Directory Computer Reports

Granular reporting on your AD Computer objects to the minutest detail. Monitor...and modify computer attributes right within the report. Reports on Inactive Computers and operating systems.

Active Directory Workflow

A mini Active Directory ticket-management and compliance toolkit right within ADManager Plus! Define a rigid yet flexible constitution for every task in your AD. Tighten the reins of your AD Security.

Active Directory Cleanup

Get rid of the inactive, obsolete and unwanted objects in your Active Directory to make it more secure and efficient...assisted by ADManager Plus's AD Cleanup capabilities.

Active Directory Automation

A complete automation of AD critical tasks such as user provisioning, inactive-user clean up etc. Also lets you sequence and execute follow-up tasks and blends with workflow to offer a brilliant controlled-automation.

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