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  • Born with a global mindset, ESDS began its operations from the city of Nashik, India in 2005 and presently has its footprint in 19 nations across the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Americas, and Africa regions.
  • ESDS provides a comprehensive range of solutions including IaaS, SaaS, managed services, security, and more, that makes it a "one-stop-shop" for cloud adoption.


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"Applications Manager's practical features and automation have been instrumental in resolving major operational challenges, seamlessly combining efficiency with cost-effectiveness."

Kaustubh Dusane, deputy chief manager, ESDS

Business challenge

With more than 18 years of experience, ESDS is the pioneering company that developed eNlight Cloud, one of the first cloud solutions to serve India. An innovator of patented cloud platforms and community clouds, ESDS is continually developing technologies that primarily benefit government organizations, financial institutions, and large enterprises. Throughout the years, ESDS has delivered to its customer's expectations—fast and reliably.

"When we started handling crucial government projects, including some major ones from the Government of Maharashtra, we found a pressing need to invest in a robust application performance monitoring tool. The public-facing nature of these applications necessitated a tool that could offer comprehensive, full-stack visibility into their application infrastructure," said Kaustubh Dusane, deputy chief manager, ESDS.

Achieving front-end and back-end observability was one of the primary objectives that ESDS had in mind while seeking a solution. "Some of these projects involved working in a secure on-premises environment and our expertise was on the cloud end. So we wanted a vendor who could seamlessly bridge this gap and provide the specific capabilities needed for a government on-premises environment," Dusane added.

After rigorously evaluating Motadata and SolarWinds, both of which fell short of meeting its needs, ESDS discovered Applications Manager via the ManageEngine company newsletter. After a thorough two to three-month evaluation, Applications Manager emerged as the perfect match for ESDS' needs in overseeing government projects. The smooth implementation process was facilitated by the efficiency of the Applications Manager onboarding team, underscoring the seamless integration of this solution into ESDS's operational framework.

Transforming user experience with application observability

"The Applications Manager team demonstrated a keen understanding of our needs from the outset, implementing the product quickly and thoughtfully," Dusane noted.

ESDS was able to see an immediate difference once it started utilizing the solution to its full potential. Dusane recalled a situation where its .NET application posed a persistent challenge, repeatedly prompting breakdowns that disrupted service delivery. The complex nature of its microservices environment made it difficult to pinpoint the root causes of these breakdowns, leading to prolonged troubleshooting efforts. Applications Manager helped maintain continuous observability across ESDS' application environment by allowing the IT team to track response times, error rates, transaction traces, exceptions, and more. By gaining code-level insight into its application performance, Dusane and the ESDS team were able to quickly understand the origins of the issue and resolve them.

Dusane reflected, "One of our primary challenges earlier was the manual workload we had. With the product, we can drill down to slow-performing transactions, understand the reasons, and optimize them more effectively."

"I remember distinctly one of the critical projects we undertook involved dealing with sensitive user information. We were facing issues related to optimizing database performance for efficient data access. With Applications Manager's database activity monitoring capabilities, we were able to gain holistic insight into back-end transactions, queries, jobs, resource utilization, and more," Dusane explained.

This enabled ESDS to optimize DB configurations, fine-tune queries, and streamline data access process. This proactive approach not only ensured the protection of user data but also helped maintain compliance with stringent data security regulations. ESDS also utilizes Applications Manager to understand user experiences in real time.

"In one of the projects we managed, we confronted significant challenges in grasping user experiences across diverse geographies, with distinct complaints pouring in from various regions of the country. These concerns encompassed issues such as slowness, accessibility problems, errors, and more, necessitating a comprehensive approach to understand and address the multifaceted challenges faced by users," Dusane observed.

With Applications Manager's real user monitoring capabilities, ESDS was able to obtain granular data on user interactions, page load times, and error rates across different devices and browsers. Armed with this real-time information, ESDS proactively responds to citizen complaints, swiftly optimizing performance and rectifying issues. "With a deeper understanding of their usage patterns, we can now proactively anticipate client concerns, address their queries, and resolve issues more efficiently. What used to take 20 minutes has now been streamlined to just two," Dusane explained.

"Before the implementing Applications Manager, resolving application breakdowns was a prolonged and challenging process, as we lacked the capability to fine-tune and analyze the root cause efficiently. However, since the integration, we can now overcome such challenges in a matter of minutes, streamlining our troubleshooting efforts and ensuring swift issue resolution."

– Kaustubh Dusane, deputy chief manager, ESDS

Key benefits

ESDS has improved operations in its infrastructure and achieved advantages by embracing Applications Manager:

Full-stack context

Applications Manager's unified platform enables ESDS get full-stack visibility into its client's infrastructure. This enables them to see upstream, downstream systems and understand dependencies across the stack. This streamlined approach requires minimal effort, enabling the IT team to proactively uphold system performance, ensure continuous availability, and minimize disruptions, ultimately contributing to enhanced user satisfaction.

Reliable client services

When issues occur, the ESDS IT team is instantly notified about the same by Applications Manager's AI-powered alerts. Previously, the team was overburdened with a barrage of alerts coming in and found it tedious to prioritize them based on criticality. Now, they efficiently validate and proactively resolve issues before clients notice, significantly enhancing the overall client experience. "By automating specific aspects of our processes, we've boosted employee productivity by 30%, resulting in an additional monthly revenue of $5,000," Dusane said.

Meeting SLAs

Applications Manager played a pivotal role in helping ESDS meet or exceed its service level agreements (SLAs) for critical government projects. With real-time monitoring and proactive issue identification, the tool enabled ESDS to address potential concerns swiftly, preventing any impact on SLAs. Dusane emphasized the tool's agility, stating, "With Applications Manager, we consistently meet SLAs, thanks to its comprehensive observability and rapid issue resolution capabilities. It's instrumental in maintaining the high standards required for our government projects." Applications Manager's continuous monitoring and optimization ensured the seamless delivery of services for ESDS, aligning with stringent SLA requirements for these crucial initiatives.

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"Standout Tool With Extensive Monitoring Capabilities"

It allows us to track crucial metrics such as response times, resource utilization, error rates, and transaction performance. The real-time monitoring alerts promptly notify us of any issues or anomalies, enabling us to take immediate action.

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"I like Applications Manager because it helps us to detect issues present in our servers and SQL databases."
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