Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM)

What is ADDM?

Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping is, quite simply, a feature to help you discover your applications and have a comprehensive insight into your business infrastructure. Imagine a map that displays all your applications, along with their relationships to other applications as well as to your infrastructure as a whole. Better yet, you have it all in one place. Yes, that should perhaps encapsulate it.

Why do you need ADDM?

Clearly, unless you want to manage your IT resources using spreadsheets or by employing audit techniques, ADDM is all that you need.

Here is just a glimpse of what you can do with ADDM:

  • Discover and group resources.
  • Establish relationships between resources.
  • Map the resources and gain a global view of your IT infrastructure.
  • Assess the health and impact potential of resources.
  • Detect/ Isolate problems with ease if any.
  • Get periodic status reports of your applications.
  • Make informed decisions and take your business to new levels.

Now that you have some idea about ADDM, let's help you understand it better. Here's how you can use ADDM. Click here.