Scanning Windows Machine



    AssetExplorer provides you various options to scan your Windows machines. You can scan machines that are part of a domain, network, workgroup and even schedule to scan the windows machines. Apart from this, you can scan remotely located Windows machines and  workstations that are manually entered in the application.



    Scanning Mechanisms


    Types of Scan


    The list below shows the different methods through which a Windows machine can be scanned:-

    • Windows Domain Scan - Scan all the Windows Workstations and Servers that are part of Windows domain and Windows workgroup. By default, when you start the application for the first time, the Windows domain in the network are automatically discovered.

    • Network Scan

      Windows workstation that are part of a network can be scanned using the Network Scan. The communication protocol and login credentials for windows workstations are given below,

      1. Communication Protocol: WMI or Agent

      2. Login Credentials: Credentials of the domain controller

    • Scanning machines outside a domain/network

      The Windows workstations/servers that are not part of a domain or network are scanned using Standalone Workstation Audit or by installing an Agent in the remote machine. The remote workstations are scanned using a script and the inventory details are pushed to the AE Server.


    Modes of Scan

    • Agent Mode

      Agent based scanning involves an agent to be deployed in Windows workstations through Active Directory or Windows Domain Scan. deployed manually or from the AssetExplorer Application. The Agent mode is easy to deploy, more secure and provides easy access for remote control.  


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