Anti-Ransomware: A Holistic Ransomware Protection Software 

Ransomware has evolved into a sneaky and expensive security threat that hangs over businesses. ManageEngine's Anti-Ransomware is an out-of-the-box solution that is geared to detect and resolve ransomware infections at an early stage while causing the least amount of disruption. The software's intelligent behavior detection techniques swiftly detect anomalies in file activity with maximum accuracy and enable putting up a proactive front against future attacks. It is also equipped with a fail-safe recovery feature that restores your data safely.


Automatically detect unusual file alterations on your endpoints that resemble a ransomware attack.


Analyze the incident and determine whether it was a real positive or a false positive.


Instantly obtain a non-erasable backup of all the files that were compromised in the attack.

Ransomware remains the most common form of malware in 2022. It has grown in popularity due to its capacity to extort large sums of money while posing a low risk to cybercriminals.(Cybereason,2022)
The average downtime a company experiences after a ransomware attack is 21 days.(Lougtec,2022)
There will be ransomware attack every 11 seconds by 2023. By that time, the global cost will be $20 billion yearly.(Web Arx Security,2022)

Detect, mitigate and restore encrypted files post a ransomware attack using Endpoint Central

An endpoint security solution armed to parry the blow of a ransomware attack.

Machine learning-assisted behavior analysis

Anti-Ransomware uses machine learning-based behavior detection algorithms to broaden the scope and enhance the accuracy of detecting ransomware attacks, which is a considerable improvement over outdated signature-based approaches. When a process that resembles a ransomware pattern has browsed a file, encrypted it, and updated it, an alert is raised. Following that, the alerts are sorted and documented as incidents.

Single-step incident response technique

When an anomaly is discovered, it is resolved by examining the process and flagging it as a true positive or false positive incident. The file recovery process is initiated if it is a true positive. If the process is identified as a false positive, a similar one in the future will be automatically flagged as a false positive.

One-click recovery of protected file backups for a reliable rollback

Anti-Ransomware leverages Microsoft's VSS service to obtain shadow copies of all the files on an endpoint every three hours. All infected files are reverted to the most recent copy of the file stored, on the confirmation, following a ransomware attack. The files are automatically restored if the same ransomware attack occurs again.

Trusted executables can be excluded for a smooth sailing-workflow

When it comes to endpoint protection, Anti-Ransomware takes a zero-trust approach. Trusted executables that are known to be safe and benign can be excluded with the Exclusions feature and can be exempted from real-time behavior detection and incident notifications to preserve productivity. To prevent unintentional attacks through the Exclusions list, this exclusion list can be further limited by specifying Signed Certificates and Allowed Folders in which they are to be exempted.

Add-on FAQs


This FAQs section answers your queries about the add-on. To know about the product FAQs, click here!

1. Can Endpoint Central free trial users try Anti-Ransomware ?

Yes, Endpoint Central free trial users can access the Anti-Ransomware module .

Note: The Anti-Ransomware module is available in the latest build of Endpoint Central (11.1.2236.1 and above) .

2. Do we have to deploy another agent?

No, We don't have to deploy another agent as the existing Endpoint Central agent itself will work for Anti-Ransomware.

3. What are the operating systems supported by Anti-Ransomware?

It is currently available for the below Windows OS versions:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

4. Can Anti-Ransomware be disabled later?

Yes, Anti-Ransomware can be disabled any time through the Settings option available in the Anti-Ransomware tab.

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