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Every 40 seconds, a company gets hit with ransomware.

For enterprises, maintaining network security has always been of prime importance. With the frequency and widespread impact of the cyber attacks that have occurred this year, network security is becoming harder to maintain. 
The ransomware WannaCry spread to a number of computers back in May, and was recognized as one of the biggest ever cyber attacks in the Internet history.
Then, when the scars from WannaCry hadn't fully healed a new ransomware attack came to haunt the cyber world again. Petya, as it was called, hit organizations across Europe and was far more sophisticated and disruptive to enterprise operations. 2017 is being swept by a wave of ransomware that doesn't seem to end.

Join us on Wednesday, 4-October-2017 at

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for a free webinar, where you will learn about the tools and techniques you need to secure your organization from cyber attacks.

  • Rise of ransomware and cyber attacks
  • Mitigating security threats proactively and reactively
  • Deploying techniques and technology towards defence and security