Ensure your company is GDPR compliant using Endpoint Central.Control your company's data and user privacy. 

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data protection and privacy law that every company operating in the EU or handling the personal data of EU citizens has to comply with. After witnessing the growing number of cyber attacks in recent years, the EU has come up with this new regulation to keep their citizens' personal data secure. The GDPR will go into effect on May 25, 2018.

Does your company have to comply with the GDPR?

It depends. First things first

  • Is your company in the EU?
  • Does your company handle EU citizens' personal data?

If you answered "yes" to either of the questions above, then yes, you are required to comply with the GDPR.

So what exactly does GDPR compliance mean?

Companies have to follow six basic principles right after May 25, 2018 to achieve GDPR compliance and continue their operations in the EU. These principles are meant to give users full control over their personal data, especially the information that is stored in companies' databases.

Six principles of GDPR

Read more about these principles and their connection to the GDPR here.

Along with the six principles above, companies also have to provide individual rights to EU citizens.

While companies are working their way towards GDPR compliance, Endpoint Central—our very own endpoint management solution—can help you keep your users' personal data secure so you can stay GDPR compliant. Manage your servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones, and even tablets, all from one central location and maintain GDPR compliance for long time.

Protect data across computers

Endpoint Central has an array of desktop management feature to make GDPR compliance simple for you

Endpoint Central's patch management capabilities help you escape data breaches by updating network vulnerabilities in time. Not only threats that exploit vulnerabilities, but those that are internal like exploiting USB's, user's privileges, prohibiting unwanted software can be prevented with Endpoint Central's endpoint management capabilities. Besides, Endpoint Central now comes with a precise DPO dashboard that helps you secure business critical data.

Secure data on mobile devices

Endpoint Central's mobile device management capabilities help in securing data on the managed devices and ensure complete GDPR compliance in your organization.

When your employees go mobile, so does your data. With Mobile Device Management(MDM) , you can secure the corporate data on the device while ensuring complete privacy for the personal data, as you can manage the corporate workspace on the device without affecting the personal space. All this can be done irrespective of whether the devices are in the network or away from it. In addition to this, you can also have specific security and privacy settings configured for both the server and the devices, secure devices if lost, wipe the corporate data if stolen and lots more.

GDPR compliance is more than just securing your devices

Apart from the above features, Endpoint Central can also help you reduce productivity loss by keeping your servers up and running at all times using the failover server feature. And if you don't want to expose your Endpoint Central server to the internet, you can employ a forwarding server which will stay ahead of your main server, securing it from external threats.

While achieving baseline GDPR compliance is a great place to start, maintaining compliance for the long term is the real challenge. Luckily, with Endpoint Central by your side, staying GDPR compliant is easier than you might think.

Read this article to know how GDPR compliant Endpoint Central is.

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Fully complying with the GDPR requires a variety of solutions, processes, people, and technologies. As mentioned above, endpoint security and management serves as the foundation for complying with the GDPR. Together with other appropriate solutions, processes, and people, endpoint management not only helps reinforce your IT security but also prevent data breaches. This material is provided for informational purpose only and should not be considered as legal advice for GDPR compliance. ManageEngine makes no warranties, express, implied, or statutory, as to the information in this material.