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Viewing Supported Patches Report

The Supported Patches Report provides the details of all the patches released by Microsoft Corporation irrespective of whether it is related to your network or not. When you plan to upgrade the systems in your network by installing the latest applications, you can sneak through this report to check whether any updates are available for the application.

By default, it lists the details of the patches released in the current month. You have an option to select a different period or to specify a custom period and generate the report.

To view the report, click the Supported Patches Report link available under the Reports tab. The following details of the patches are shown here:

  • Patch ID: A unique reference ID in Endpoint Central for every patch.
  • Bulletin ID: The advisory article provided by the vendor which contains information about the vulnerability and patch availability. Clicking this link, will lead you to the Bulletin Details view, which provides more info about the Bulletin and the vulnerability
  • Patch Name:The name of the patch. Clicking this link, will lead you to the Patch Details view, which provides more details about the patch.
  • Severity: Determines the importance of the patch. These severity ratings are as per the bulletin or advisory information.
  • Reboot: Specifies whether the patch installation requires a system reboot or not.