UEM Central + Jira

Bolster your Jira Service Management with Endpoint Central

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Applicable for both Endpoint Central on-premise and cloud

Imagine if you could resolve Jira issues at lightning speed. By implementing the powerful Endpoint Central - Jira integration, you can supercharge your Jira help desk with endpoint management capabilities.


Automated, simplified software deployment.

Distribute ready-to-deploy Windows, macOS, and Linux packages from the issue window.

Take remote control of the system from issues.

Leverage built-in chat, voice, and video calls, and addition of session details as comments automatically.

Amp up your network’s security.

Automate patch management, uninstall blacklisted apps, secure USB devices, and strengthen your firewall.

Granular visibility over your IT inventory.

On mapping Endpoint Central - Jira assets, complete asset details will be perceptible from issues.

Over 12 handy system manager tools.

Resolve issues using our top-notch system manager tools without needing to remotely access the target computer.

Work from one console using single sign-on.

No more juggling a dozen applications; all you need is your Jira login credentials and you're good to go!

Track the real-time location of mobile devices.

Associate profiles to devices, and remotely execute commands to locate and lock stolen devices.

Secure corporate data right from your issue window.

Remotely wipe data on stolen/lost devices, and regulate the passcode to ensure data security.


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Unified Endpoint Management and Security Solution