MDM Comparison Matrix

Desktop Central – MDM Comparison Matrix

Desktop Central Mobile Device Management (MDM) supports three OS platforms - iOS, Android, and Windows. The table below provides a features-to-feature comparison available for different OS.

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Features iOS Android Windows
Enroll via Email
Self Enrollment
Bulk Enrollment
Multiple Devices for Same User
One Time Passcode Authentication
User’s Active Directory Credential
via Apple Configurator NA NA
Two Factor Authentication
Restrictions Management
Installation of Apps ✓*
Use of Camera
Voice Dialing ✓*
InApp Purchase
Use of Youtube ✓*
iCloud NA NA
Data Encryption
NFC (Near Field Communicaton) NA
USB Devices NA ✓*
Device Tethering ✓*
Usage of Cellular Data
Usage of Secure Digital (SD) Card NA ✓*
Configurations Management
E-mail ✓*
Exchange ActiveSync ✓*
App Lock NA
Access Point Name
Device Password
Inventory Management - Device Inventory
Device Name
Device Type
Device Model
Manufacturer Name
International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI)
Installed Apps
Certificates ✓*
Geo -Tracking
OS Version
Network Inventory
Bluetooth MAC address
Wi-Fi MAC address
Phone Number
Carrier Network
Roaming Status Settings
Data and Voice Roaming Settings
Centralized Control Settings
Device Grouping based on Roles/Department
Device Audit
Device Retirement
Security Management
Password Reset
App/Play Store Prohibition
Use of Default Web Browser
Geo-Location Tracking
Device Lock
Corporate Data Wipe
Full Data Wipe
Automatic Sync while Roaming ✓*
Roaming Settings ✓*
Screen Capture ✓*
Detecting Jailbroken/Rooted devices
OS Upgrade ✓* NA
Remote Alarm
Applications Management
In-house and Commercial Apps Distirbution ✓$
Black or White Listing of Apps ✓#
VPP Integration NA NA
App Reports
App Repository
License Management NA NA
Silent Installation/Uninstallation ✓** ✓*
BYOD - Bring Your Own Device
Restrict Uninstallation of Apps
Open in Management
Restricting Movement of E-mail Accounts
Enrolled Devices
Device Hardware
Data Security

NA - Not Applicable

* Applicable to Samsung SAFE devices

**Applicable to iOS 7 and above

# Automatic un-installation of Blacklisted apps can be performed only on Samsung SAFE Devices

$ Applicable to only in-house apps