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Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV) is an advanced cybersecurity solution, powered by deep learning, AI-assisted real-time behavioral detection, incident forensics and exploit mitigation to anticipate and prevent known and unknown threats. Unlike traditional antivirus, NGAV continually monitors and proactively responds to threats by establishing multi-layered protection against malware.It analyzes attacks, procedures, and techniques to ensure robust protection.

Next-Gen Antivirus Software - ManageEngine

360-degree Malware Defense

  • Threat Detection
  • Incident Forensics
  • Threat Mitigation
ManageEngine Antivirus Solution

Threat Detection

Operating in real-time, our AI and ML-supported malware detection mechanism excels at detecting both known and unknown malware, as well as fileless attacks. Continuous monitoring is ensured irrespective of the device's online or offline status. Powered through a hybrid mode that seamlessly integrates static and dynamic detection methods, this component triggers instant alerts for timely threat response and protection. Employing a trifecta of engines, it ensures unparalleled security by accurately and efficiently identifying threats.

Next-Gen endpoint protection & security - ManageEngine

Incident Forensics

Gain granular visibility and swift Response to cyber threats through comprehensive Reports and MITRE TTP-based Analysis. Proficiently mapping attack paths, techniques, and the kill chain, it facilitates precise incident response. Identification of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) enhances cybersecurity readiness, empowering organizations to analyze, respond, and fortify their security posture against evolving cyber threats.


Threat Mitigation

Effectively neutralizing the threat, the infected endpoint can be restored to its pre-malware state with a single click, crucial in countering threat actors who attempt to encrypt or erase backups, rendering recovery impossible. Additionally, incorporating a network quarantine feature to isolate infected devices and promptly kill the malware aids in stopping the breach, enhancing containment measures.

Out-of-the-box functionalities

Real-time threat detectionIncident forensicsFrictionless quarantine and releaseMitigation & rollback
ManageEngine Antivirus Solution
ManageEngine Antivirus Solution
ManageEngine Antivirus Solution
ManageEngine Antivirus Solution


ManageEngine Antivirus Solution

Unparalleled Detection Precision

Achieve comprehensive protection against known, unknown, and fileless malware through a blend of static and dynamic malware detection methods.

ManageEngine Antivirus Solution

Seamless Coexistence

Our Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) can seamlessly coexist with your current antivirus solution, enhancing your overall defense strategy.

Next-Gen Antivirus Software - ManageEngine

Secure Revival

Ensure reliable data recovery and seamless rollback, even in the face of ransomware attacks, with our patented, tamper-proof backup system integrated into your security approach

ManageEngine Antivirus Solution

Boosted Efficiency

Experience optimal performance with a lightweight, single agent that utilizes less than 1% of your CPU, ensuring efficient system operations.

Why Endpoint Central?

  • ManageEngine Antivirus Solution

    24x7 secure endpoints

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  • ManageEngine Antivirus Solution

    Single Console

ManageEngine Antivirus Solution

Offline protection to safeguard against threats even when disconnected from the internet. Zero definition updates, meaning unhindered monitering.

Enterprise Antivirus -ManageEngine

Instant alerts on malware detection, and event forensics, right from the console. Heightened detection accuracy, leading to fewer false positives.

ManageEngine Antivirus Solution

Complete endpoint security across the network, providing proactive measures against multiple facets of threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you enable the Next-Gen Antivirus Early Access program?

Our early access program is now being rolled out phase-by-phase to our existing users. Once eligible, the Next-Gen Antivirus tab will appear. We recommend you contact support to gain immediate access.

2. Do we have to deploy another agent?

No, We don't have to deploy another agent as the existing Endpoint Central agent itself will work for Next-Gen Antivirus. The features of NGAV are available out of the box and can be leveraged immediately after enabling the Early Access program.

3. What are the operating systems supported by Next-Gen Antivirus?

It is currently available for the these Windows OS versions: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.

4. Is Next-Gen Antivirus part of the standard licensing for the Endpoint Central security edition, or will it require a separate licensing fee after the Early Access program ends ?

Next-Gen Antivirus will not incur costs until the end of the Early Access program. After this period, users will receive a free six-month extension. To continue using Next-Gen Antivirus beyond the early access phase, a subscription fee will be required before the program concludes. It's important to note that Next-Gen Antivirus is not included in the Endpoint Central security edition and will be available for separate licensing in the future.

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