OS Deployment

These are the questions asked during OS Deployer Training


  • Is PXE server a mandatory requirement for the OS deployment? PXE server is required for automated remote network boot for image creation and deployment and it is part of the OS Deployer.
  • Does OS Deployer support UEFI boot? Yes, OS Deployer supports UEFI boot
  • If you replace a machine, can you re-use the licence of the machine that was replaced?OS Deployer's licensing is MAC based. So, the license can not be transferred.
  • how long does it take to deploy the image?The time depends on the image size, bandwidth and bandwidth throttling. Say for 10 Gb image and 1GBbs bandwidth it take approximately 15 minutes for deployment.
  • What alternatives are there if the manage engine OS Deployer PXE server does not contain the NIC drivers for a machine?You will have to inject the drivers using WINPE, if the server does not contain NIC drivers.
  • How is this licensed?We have two types of license. Deployment based license and Machine based license. For more details refer our online store at https://store.manageengine.com/os-deployer/
  • Is this an add-on product that would need to be purchased or is it included in Desktop Central?OS Deployer can be purchased separately or as an add-on product in additional to Desktop Central.
  • We use all Dell. Do you need to use UD for different models within a company product line?Yes, you can use Universal Deployer to achieve this task.
  • When you take questions my question is if we have pxe working across multiple Vlans?PXE can work across multiple VLANS provided you configure your network to allow this.
  • How we can create reference (Master) image with latest windows update?You can do it in two ways. By installing the OSD agent and creating an online image, when the OS is working. You can also use a bootable CD or USB to boot and create the image.
  • Is deployment supported for X64 and X86 architecture?Yes, deployment is supported for both X64 and X68 architecture.
  • How are different NIC drivers dealt with across various machines and models?You can use Universal deployment feature which will help you to create an image from a model which can be deployed to any model by providing the required drivers from network share.
  • Can OS Deployer be used in vmware?Yes. The product has been tested with VM ware environment.
  • Can applications be pushed upon the completion of OS deployment?You can add the applications along with the OS during the deployment.
  • What is AMS?AMS is an Annual Maintenance Support which has to be renewed once a year and the OSD product is a one time purchase.
  • Can we manage or integrate OS deployer within Desktop central?Direct integration of OS Deployer with Desktop Central is not possible. However, you can image a computer with Desktop Central agent on it and deploy this image along with the OS to other machines.
  • Should we enable multicast in our network while deploying OS on multiple computers?Yes. It is recommended to do this image deployment via multicast during non-working hours to prevent impact on your on going network activities.