Free webinar Improving your IT services with ServiceNow and Endpoint Central integration

Presented by Vaishnavi Ketharnathan, Product Specialist


Just imagine how efficient your ServiceNow help desk would be if it could do more than just handle tickets! What if you could perform endpoint management and security operations such as patch management, software deployment, and asset management right from your help desk?

This is now possible with the integration between ServiceNow and Endpoint Central.

Tune in to our webinar for a sneak peek on how to perform Endpoint Central's endpoint management functions right from your ServiceNow console

  • Deploy business apps to remote users in just one click.
  • Improve your delivery performance and meet SLAs by leveraging Endpoint Central's Remote Control feature.
  • Accelerate troubleshooting by performing reboot, shut down, and other remote operations from the incident window.
  • Proactively prevent incidents by assessing asset details and the health status of patches in real time.

Join us and learn how Endpoint Central can improve your help desk and your business in a better way. We always believe in, "Better help desk software, Better business and hence A Happier You."