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Access and activity reports

To make informed business decisions, organizations require an extensive record of their past activities. Similarly, IT teams need intuitive reports on password-related operations to make decisions on password management and comply with various federal regulations.

Password Manager Pro offers a collection of user access, activity, and other summary reports that you can use to enhance the management of privileged passwords in your organization.

Get a wider, in-depth view of password security and privileged user activity in your organization with timed reports on password inventory snapshots, IT compliance, password shares, user access stats, password reset history, and more. In addition, generate (custom) reports of your choice based on the information available in Password Manager Pro's audit records.

Password Activity Reports

Reflect on why and when your users access which passwords.

Monitor what your users are doing by generating a report with details such as lists of users and groups, their roles, login attempts, and all password-related activities carried out by each user. Learn who has access to which resources. On top of that, identify your most active users and the permission levels they possess for different resources. Convert activity logs for specific users into reports as required for internal audits.

Review your password inventory and evaluate its usage with detailed summaries.

A variety of reports on password inventory, compliance, expiration, activity, and integrity help you understand the password management practices in your organization. You can track all passwords distributed across numerous resources, including their access rights, and find systems that are frequently accessed to see if their passwords are reset regularly. Simple graphs make this information easy to understand.

Check whether your passwords comply with internal IT policies.

When you define policies to guide users to create strong passwords, you also have to follow up on whether the existing passwords adhere to the requirements. Password Manager Pro helps out by providing reports on passwords that violate your current policy, along with details on which policy requirement is not adhered to.

Keep track of expired passwords and reset on time.

Password Manager Pro offers a dedicated report that lists the passwords whose defined validity is over.

Automate report generation on a periodic basis.

Password Manager Pro allows you to schedule and customize reports periodically. The reports, once generated, can be configured to be mailed to select recipients as PDF or XLS files.

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