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Password Manager Pro triples up as privileged account manager, remote access manager and privileged session manager.

Password Manager Pro offers a complete solution to control, manage, monitor and audit the entire life-cycle of privileged access. In a single package it offers three solutions - Privileged Account Management, Remote Access management, and Privileged Session Management.

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Privileged Account Management

Privileged account management, also known as privileged identity management, deals with the protection of privileged accounts in an enterprise, including those of operating systems, databases, servers, applications, and networking devices. Password Manager Pro helps consolidate all such privileged accounts in a centralized vault in fully encrypted form. It helps enforce password management best practices and secure the privileged accounts, the keys to your kingdom.

Remote Access Management

Password Manager Pro helps you achieve secure, one-click access to all remote devices, including those in remote data centers, which require connecting to jump servers first and then hop to the target devices. Password Manager Pro centralizes the management of all those credentials and access controls, so users are spared the burden of authenticating themselves at each stage of a remote access. PMP handles all login and authentication steps automatically, giving admins one-click access to their remote resources.

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Privileged Session Management

Password Manager Pro helps you closely monitor and completely control the privileged sessions. You can continuously track what your users are doing with the privileged access granted to them.

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