Access controls34defined with just the right mix of rigidity and fluidity

Impose granular access restrictions on your passwords with release controls.

  • Centrally control and manage access to sensitive resources by provisioning password access to employees and vendors based on the principle of least privilege.
  • Enable password sharing with selective users based on roles or job responsibilities, such as provisioning Windows passwords to Windows admins and database passwords to database admins.
  • Make use of well-architected access control workflows. Utilize a request-release mechanism for users, before they can retrieve any passwords shared with them.
  • Require a valid reason from users requesting access to a password. Necessitate dual-admin approvals on access requests before releasing passwords.

Automatic approval of access requests, one-time sharing provisions, and more.

  • Approve password access requests automatically when administrators are not available. Schedule automatic approval of requests raised during a specific time period in the day.
  • Allow exclusive access to a password for a specified time period, once a user checks out a password. Provide administrators the option to revoke access and forcefully check in passwords during usage.
  • Automatically reset passwords upon usage to avoid unauthorized access attempts in the future.

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