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Quick recovery

Handle data recovery in Password Manager Pro quickly and easily with the help of restoration scripts. All you have to do is reinstall Password Manager Pro and restore the backed-up data.

Restore (backed-up data) from PostgreSQL or MySQL secondary databases to the application database by executing the script available in Password Manager Pro's installation folder. Then, all you have to do is restart Password Manager Pro using the installation key. For customers using MS SQL server as their back-end database, recover information by launching Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and using it to restore the backup files to the application database.

A secure environment for data recovery.

You never have to worry about security with Password Manager Pro. All your backup data is encrypted to ensure it's only accessible by authorized personnel. The encryption master key, initially used during installation, is required to complete the recovery procedure. In addition, this key must be stored in a different location than the backup by default, ensuring complete security.

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