How Password Manager Pro
helps you comply with the GDPR.

After a lengthy lead-up, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is finally here. Now, any organization that works with EU residents' personal data has to comply with the regulation, no matter where their business is located. One way to quickly become GDPR-compliant is by employing the right tools — tools that come with strong, built-in controls to protect any form of personal data that is stored or processed in your organization.

Password Manager Pro is a critical security tool for any organization that needs to manage privileged account credentials as well as remotely access sensitive resources. With that in mind, we've added a set of GDPR-focused provisions that help protect personal data stored and processed in Password Manager Pro.

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A GDPR-ready privileged identity management solution with an uncompromising approach to personal data privacy.


Ensure complete privacy while displaying personal data in the web GUI.

Form fields in Password Manager Pro that contain personal data, such as DNS name, email address, and server name, are masked at all times to enhance protection. Additionally, when a specific user unmasks and views any of the masked data fields, the action is captured in the audit trail with a timestamp, as well as the viewer's IP address.


Demonstrate your GDPR compliance with a new audit-ready report.

Password Manager Pro's new canned report provides a holistic view of how personal data is handled within the product. This report, in line with specific requirements listed in "Chapter 3: Rights of the data subject" of the GDPR, also proves useful while preparing for privacy audits.


Restrict personal data inclusion during report generation using granular privacy controls.

Limit the level of personal data included in Password Manager Pro's canned reports. As a Password Manager Pro administrator, you can choose the desired privacy level for each personal data input. You can decide whether data should be completely omitted from the reports, or included as masked information.

Achieve Encryption at Rest (EAR) for complete database protection.

Password Manager Pro installations that run with an MS SQL server as the backend database can achieve EAR using Transparent Database Encryption (TDE). With TDE, all the data and log files stored in the SQL server are protected using a strong encryption key. To further enhance security, the key itself is then secured with a certificate.

Protect backup archives using strong encryption.

To keep backup archives safe and secure from prying eyes, Password Manager Pro automatically encrypts all its database backup files with a strong encryption key before storing them in the configured destination.


Manage unidentified email addresses in Password Manager Pro.

Track unidentified email addresses that don't belong to any of the users in Password Manager Pro, and completely remove them from the application's records.


Include an additional layer of password protection for export operations.

Configure automatic encryption for resource and resource group exports (XLS files), audit exports (PDF and CSV files), and report exports (XLS and PDF files). As an administrator, you can either set a global passphrase which will be uniformly used for these export operations, or allow users to define a strong, unique passphrase for their exported files.


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