Secure auto logon mechanisms for a simplified remote access management

Enable remote access in one click without compromising security.

  • Launch secure remote terminal sessions from any HTML5-compatible browser.
  • Provide secure remote access to both internal users and external vendors, without revealing account passwords.
  • Eliminate the need for additional plug-ins or agent software to launch RDP, SSH, Telnet, and SQL sessions. Tunnel connections through Password Manager Pro's server using Auto Logon Gateways.
  • Connect to any custom programs through auto-logon helper scripts with browser plug-ins.
  • Allow users to easily locate remote accounts provisioned to them under the Auto-Logon tab, and launch their sessions.

Easily connect to remote data centers. Skip hops and jumps.

  • Connect directly to IT assets in remote data centers via secure SSH and Telnet gateways.
  • Configure landing servers of any number to remotely access data centers from Password Manager Pro's web-interface.
  • Associate unlimited resources with their landing servers, and automate your connecting path.

On-site password management with browser extensions and bookmarklets.

  • Securely synchronize passwords across browsers through native browser extensions. Automatically connect to RDP and SSH sessions, websites, and applications.
  • View and search passwords, and approve access requests.
  • Auto-fill login pages of web applications and facilitate one-click log in using Password Manager Pro's bookmarklet.
  • Take advantage of improved remote log in from various devices, such as desktops, laptops, and tablet devices including the Apple iPad.

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