Webinar: Mitigate cyber risk with privileged session management.

Cyber crime has, unfortunately, become a part of our daily lives. Organizations cannot afford to ignore IT security any longer. Mission-critical systems and resources should be protected, privileged accounts and passwords should be locked away securely, and user identification and authentication should be stricter. But most importantly, privileged access to resources should be controlled, and all user sessions closely observed. With various risks materializing from both inside and outside an organization, it is absolutely essential to track what users are doing with their privileged access. A properly established provisioning, monitoring, and tracking system can help achieve this and keep your organization's sensitive IT assets in check at all times.

In this live webinar, Vignesh Kannan, lead technical consultant at ManageEngine, will take us through the following:

  1. Real-life cyber attacks cases, to demonstrate the damage and crippling losses that organizations can suffer.
  2. The perils of giving employees and third-party contractors privileged access.
  3. Why you should closely monitor user sessions and implement a robust logging system.
  4. Other privileged access and session management best practices that can help reduce cyber threats.

Date: 27 July 2016, Wednesday
Time: 10:00 AM PST|PDT | 1:00 PM EST | 10:30 PM IST
Duration: 45 minutes


Vignesh Kannan is a lead technical consultant at ManageEngine with 8 years of experience in the enterprise IT security domain. He has provided extensive implementation, training, and support assistance to Password Manager Pro customers around the globe. He is currently involved in gathering requirements from customer's environments to build new features that will enhance the product.

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