Introducing our new user interface

Password Manager Pro is getting a fresh new look, to deliver a better user experience.

We believe that powerful user interfaces create positive user experiences. The functionality of even the most important feature of a product is only as good as its UI design. With this in mind, we've spruced up our UI to make Password Manager Pro look twice as good and the time you spend with us three times more productive.

  • The new UI is simple, intuitive, and fast.
    Don't just take our word for it,experience it yourself.

  • You can also take a look at the highlights
    of the new UI to better understand the changes.

Works harder, faster.

We've built a UI that is simple, yet capable. You can accomplish more in less time, completing your daily password management routines quicker than ever before. The redesign also ensures that pages load faster, so you feel better equipped as you cruise along with swift efficiency.

Aesthetics that every task-focused user will appreciate.

IT management is taxing, and it doesn't hurt to add some color to those otherwise dull routines. The modern look of Password Manager Pro, which embraces the flat design, will catch your attention and also retain it. You also get to play around with a bunch of color themes and customize the UI with the one that matches your mood.

Keep it smart and simple.

You'll find working with Password Manager Pro breezier than before, with a UI that's as easy to use as it is productive. The simple and responsive design is optimized across both web and mobile platforms. We also believe this improvement will decrease the learning curve for first-time users.

Changing for the better.

At ManageEngine, we are steadfast in our goal of simplifying IT management for enterprises across the globe; we build simple, easy-to-use products with that in mind. In addition to building great products, we are committed to continually improving them. We believe that building straightforward products and developing smart updates are key elements of a positive user experience.

Revamping the user interface was a huge undertaking for us, but we are thrilled with the results, and we think you will be too. Our challenge was making the new UI more intuitive and user friendly, while still retaining the best features from the earlier design. We hope you enjoy the fresh look of Password Manager Pro and find that it adds more value to your business.

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