Password is the New Nuke
Anyone in your organization could turn into a Julian Assange!

WikiLeaks - the global buzzword today is a rude shock to many, big surprise to some, huge disappointment to a few and a great fun for others. The motive, effects and ramifications aside, WikiLeaks-type exposures perhaps represent the biggest information security threat to Government agencies and enterprises.

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks has threatened to release the decryption key of a file named "insurance.aes256", which is available for download in WikiLeaks website. Assange claims that the classified documents in the insurance file are "more sensitive and could pose security risk for coalition partners around the world".

WikiLeaks is an eye opener - anyone in your organization having privileged access to IT resources and infrastructure could potentially turn into a Assange and unleash disaster or threaten about releasing sensitive information or internal password to the public domain. Malicious insiders could cause this harm by either misusing privileged access or illegally accessing the documents or giving credentials to too many un-vetted people who then route them to WikiLeaks or, in fact, any other media outlet. Lack of internal controls, access restrictions, enforcement mechanism and haphazard style of privileged password management make the organization a paradise for malicious insiders.

How to Mitigate?

One of the effective ways to ensure internal access controls and thereby mitigate insider threats is to automate the entire life cycle of Privileged Access Management enforcing best practices. Password Manager Pro, a trusted solution precisely helps achieve this. A secure vault for storing and managing shared administrative passwords and digital identities, Password Manager Pro helps eliminate password fatigue and security lapses, achieve preventive and detective security controls, meet security audits and improve IT productivity. With insider threats looming large, taking preventive action is the need of the hour. Use Password Manager Pro and Stay Secure!

Customer Voice
Customer Voice
"Password Manager Pro is an excellent choice for password management. The application is reliable, dependable, and the support is fantastic. I am confident in the security the application provides at a fraction of the cost of alternatives"
- Don Garvey, Director of Operations BlueVault, USA

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