Password Manager Pro Masterclass

Learn how to get the most out of Password Manager Pro and drive a privileged identity management agenda that creates lasting value for your business.

July 12
Discovery and vaulting: Taking central control of all your privileged accounts

Learn how to maintain a thorough, auto-updating database of privileged accounts in Password Manager Pro, protect account credentials with granular access controls, and easily share passwords within your team.

July 26
Doing away with age-old SSH key pairs and outdated SSL ciphers

Find out how to create new SSH keys, deploy them to associated user machines, create self-signed certificates, and generate new certificate signing requests.

August 09
Automating periodic password resets with strict policy enforcement

Learn how to adopt a mature security policy to standardize privileged account management practices across your organization, including using strong, unique passwords that are reset periodically.

August 23
Diving deep into user roles and management

Gain a deeper understanding of Password Manager Pro's user management functions, such as managing external identity store integrations and using custom user roles to provide privileges to different types of users based on their responsibilities.

September 06
Secure remote access: Tunneling connections through encrypted gateways and recording sessions

Learn how to expertly manage remote privileged sessions launched from Password Manager Pro by centralizing control on access pathways, defining how users connect to target systems (including remote data centers), and setting up session recordings.

September 20
Eliminating password hard-coding with secure APIs

Become an API expert with detailed information on how to make the most of Password Manager Pro's secure API options for getting rid of embedded credentials in application configuration files and scripts.

October 04
Reports: Making informed business decisions based on clear track records

Discover how to fully utilize Password Manager Pro's comprehensive audit records and reports to gain actionable insights on password security and privileged user activity in your organization.

October 18
Utilizing enterprise-ready integrations and advanced configurations

Tips and tricks on how to leverage out-of-the-box integration options and other advanced customizations, such as integrating with enterprise ticketing systems, sending logs to SIEM tools, and invoking custom password reset listeners.

November 01
Ensuring service availability and handling disasters

Discover how to better handle disastrous circumstances and ensure service continuity with the help of redundant servers, failover clusters, and quick data recovery procedures.

November 15
Password Manager Pro MSP: Managing organizations

Learn how to more efficiently manage your client organizations in Password Manager Pro and take care of their critical IT resources.

Meet our speakers.

product expert

Praveen has over twelve years of hands-on experience in the enterprise IT security domain. He provides implementation, training, and support assistance to ManageEngine customers around the world. He is currently involved in educating Password Manager Pro and Key Manager Plus users on leveraging their PIM implementation better as well as gathering their requirements to build new features.

product expert

Ganesh has over twelve years of experience in IT security and networking. He has been with ManageEngine for the last ten years and has conducted various IT workshops, seminars, and user conference presentations for Password Manager Pro and Key Manager Plus. He also provides on-site training and consultation for ManageEngine customers and helps them with architectural design for product implementation.

product expert

Christus has over eight years of experience in the IT security domain, with an extensive understanding of privileged identity and access management concepts. His core responsibilities at ManageEngine include technical consultation and training for Password Manager Pro and Key Manager Plus customers, evaluating and analyzing clients needs to identify and solve pain points, and product implementation.

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