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Post-reset scripts

While password resets are vital, they are occasionally tailed by follow-up actions that are just as important. Password Manager Pro allows you to carry out similar tasks by invoking scripts or executables, referred to as Password Reset Listeners.

Use Reset Listeners as custom connectors for unsupported systems.

Password Reset Listeners can be used as custom connectors to effect password resets for target systems that are not covered by default in Password Manager Pro. When invoked, Reset Listeners establish a connection with the target system and carry out required password changes. You can also configure the Listeners to connect with the target system regularly and perform periodic password resets.

Carry out follow-up actions after password resets.

Password Reset Listeners enable swift completion of various follow-up actions without any manual intervention. You can cover a wide range of tasks such as local password changes, dependent service restarts after a service account password is reset, and network device password changes after resetting the passwords locally. To exercise complete flexibility in any post-reset execution, there are also options to customize the Listeners with your own implementation class, instead of letting Password Manager Pro execute the Listener script provided by you.

Post-reset scripts

Establish dual controls and prevent execution of malicious scripts.

Post-reset scripts are typically arbitrary, and so a dual control mechanism is implemented to safeguard data against associated risks. When an administrator adds a new Listener script, be it default or custom, another administrator has to check and approve the script before implementation. This is applicable even for editing the scripts. Thus, the dual control mechanism adds extra caution and prevents introduction of malicious scripts. All Listener operations are also audited with time stamp.

Protect scripts with AES encryption.

To ensure continuous security, post-reset scripts are stored in the same database as other resources, which ensures AES-256 protection. Additionally, whenever the database is backed up, the scripts are also included.

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