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Privileged accounts discovery

Automate discovery and security of privileged accounts in your environment.

Privileged accounts are soft targets for hackers and often prove to be at the root of advanced data breaches and internal attacks. Therefore, the first and foremost step to secure and manage your privileged accounts must be discovering all critical assets and their associated accounts and credentials on the corporate network.

Password Manager Pro's fully automated discovery engine is built to secure privileged accounts and address any associated vulnerabilities. It can discover and enumerate the following:

  • Windows local and domain accounts, including service accounts via Active Directory import.
  • Network devices such as switches, routers, and firewalls by using SNMP discovery options.
  • Virtual devices (VM Guests), through VMware ESxi discovery.
  • Linux devices by specifying an IP range via SSH and Telnet protocol.
Privileged accounts discovery

Password Manager Pro helps you adopt a life cycle management approach to protect privileged accounts by:

  • Scanning networks to discover critical assets.
  • Maintaining an auto-updating database of associated privileged accounts.
  • Consolidating and storing privileged passwords in a secure, centralized vault, in fully encrypted forms.
  • Assigning strong and unique passwords to your IT resources, as well as automating periodic randomization of your passwords.

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