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Secure offline access

To assure continued availability of passwords even when there is no internet connection, Password Manager Pro provides multiple options for secure offline access. Passwords can be exported either as an encrypted HTML file or a plain-text spreadsheet. All export operations are promptly captured in audit trails.

Secure offline access

Access passwords offline through AES-256 protected HTML files.

Protected password files are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm and can be unlocked only with your personal passphrase. You can also configure separate password policies in Password Manager Pro offline HTML files to ensure only strong passphrases are created.

Ensure users have a valid reason for exporting files.

Mandate that users provide a credible reason for offline access before being able to export data to a plain-text spreadsheet. The reason they provide will also be captured in audit trails.

Extend offline access to mobile devices.

In addition to Password Manager Pro's built-in offline download option, you can also provide offline access permissions for users' mobile devices using Dropbox accounts. Enable Password Manager Pro to automatically sync the exported HTML file to the user's Dropbox account so they can access it from their mobile device. You can also configure these files to automatically delete themselves from the mobile device after a designated amount of time and even instantly reset the passwords contained in a user's file after it is deleted from the device.

Disable offline access for specific users.

Make offline access to passwords a restricted privilege. Enable or disable export options for specific users and groups as needed.

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