Smart and secure password sharing options to enhance collaboration

Share passwords and other sensitive information effortlessly, with guaranteed security.

  • Share one or more passwords with individual users or groups.
  • Grant varying permission levels to users and groups for password access by choosing between View, Modify, and Manage options.
  • Automatically assign full control of passwords (including sharing) to the user who adds them.
  • Allow users to transfer ownership of their passwords to another admin or user when they leave the organization.

Share resource accounts without disclosing passwords in plain-text.

  • Provide access to resources as needed, without revealing the passwords in plain-text.
  • Launch one-click connections to shared resources from Password Manager Pro's web-interface, without manually entering credentials.

Enhance sharing practices with request-release mechanisms and granular controls.

  • Impose additional security layers on super-sensitive credentials by configuring request-release approval workflows.
  • Release passwords for specified time frames by setting password validity periods.
  • Configure access controls to automatically randomize passwords for one-time usage.

Record all share actions with effective auditing.

  • Audit all user share activities, including password viewing and copying operations.
  • Trigger email, SNMP traps, or Syslog notifications to desired recipients, whenever a user views a password.

Generate extensive reports on password shares.

  • Get a snapshot of all password access and other activities pertaining to a particular user or password, through various reports.
  • Stay well-informed of password shares and who has accesses any point in time.

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