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Eliminate hard-coded credentials

Today's organizations depend on a large number of business applications, web services, and custom software solutions to fulfill business communications and other transaction requirements.

Normally, various applications require access to databases and other applications frequently to query business-related information. This communication process is usually automated by embedding the application credentials in clear text within configuration files and scripts. Administrators usually find it difficult to identify, change, and manage these passwords. As a result, the credentials are left unchanged, which may lead to unauthorized access to sensitive systems. Thus, hard-coding credentials may make technicians' jobs easier, but it is also an easy launch-point for hackers.

Password Manager Pro eliminates the use of hard-coded passwords with secure APIs for application-to-application (A-to-A) and application-to-database (A-to-DB) password management.

Enable applications to securely retrieve passwords from Password Manager Pro; eliminate hard-coding.

Password Manager Pro provides secure APIs for automated A-to-A password management. The access credentials don't need to be embedded in configuration files but can, instead, be stored in Password Manager Pro's database. Whenever an application needs to connect with other applications or databases, it can query and retrieve passwords from Password Manager Pro using the APIs. This way, the A-to-A passwords can also be subject to security best practices including periodic password rotation and assigning strong, unique passwords, without the need for copious manual updates.

Currently, Password Manager Pro provides three API types:

  • A comprehensive application API, based on XML-RPC over HTTPS (comes with a built-in Java Wrapper API).
  • A command-line interface for scripts over secure shell (SSH).
  • Representational State Transfer (REST) API.
Eliminate hard-coded credentials

Enforce access controls and limited privileges on application passwords.

Use of password management APIs requires unique user accounts to be created first hand in Password Manager Pro. These user accounts are also access controlled and can only access passwords that they have permission to, through the API. Available options include retrieve, modify, and create operations.

Meet compliance mandates and internal requirements.

Various government and industry regulations mandate that sensitive information should not be hard-coded. Eliminating hard-coded passwords and subjecting application credentials to periodic passwords resets can help organizations satisfy both internal audit and compliance requirements.

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