Servicenow integration

Enhance incident resolution workflows with privileged access.

If you're using ServiceNow, you can integrate Password Manager Pro into your incident management process to gain secure privileged access to remote systems from your ServiceNow instance. With Password Manager Pro's remote access provisions, you can quickly connect to IT systems directly from a ServiceNow incident record as needed, and restore normal services without any delay. This helps you speed up your incident response time while simultaneously ensuring complete security.

Protected RDP, SSH, and SQL sessions.

Integrating with Password Manager Pro enables authorized IT administrators to launch completely emulated RDP, SSH, and SQL sessions from any HTML5-compatible browser without end-point agents, browser plug-ins, or helper programs. The connections are tunneled through Password Manager Pro's server and require no direct connectivity between the user device and remote host. In addition to superior reliability, this tunneled connection provides a high level of security as the passwords necessary to establish remote sessions are retrieved automatically from Password Manager Pro's database and don't need to be available locally on the privileged user's browser.

Track and review user activity.

Password Manager Pro makes tracking of privileged user activity a seamless process by capturing a video recording of all remote sessions launched from ServiceNow and archiving them in its database or any specified secure location for future playback. The session recordings provide a complete replay of all operations performed on the remote systems to help you identity suspicious activity as well as prove compliance. The video logs are also encrypted with AES functions to ensure they're tamper-proof.


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