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Dual controls

Password Manager Pro lets administrators establish dual controls on privileged sessions with the ability to shadow and terminate suspicious sessions. With session shadowing, administrators can parallelly monitor privileged RDP, SSH or Telnet, and database sessions launched by other users. The advanced controls, beyond facilitating real-time tracking, help organizations achieve compliance with various regulations, such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and NERC-CIP.

Track user activities in real time and prevent misuse of privileged access.

When privileged sessions are launched from Password Manager Pro, admins can choose to join the ongoing remote sessions and observe concurrently without affecting the end user. If the admin detects any suspicious activity, they can terminate the session immediately.

Proactively monitor third-party access to remote systems.

While Password Manager Pro's remote login mechanism allows remote vendors to securely access your organization's IT resources, session shadowing helps you ensure that external vendors stay within their provisioned scope.

Help remote users by joining sessions.

The session shadowing feature also comes in handy for troubleshooting. The admin can join any privileged session with a technician and provide remote assistance with the built-in chat box options. Password Manager Pro also lets two admins join remote sessions with the data centers and perform maintenance.

Active Remote Session

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