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ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Security Advisories

CVE IDs Severity Title Fixed product version Fixed on
CVE IDs Severity Title Fixed product version Fixed on
CVE-2024-0252 High Authenticated RCE vulnerability in cluster APIs 6402 10-Jan-2024
CVE-2023-28342 High DoS attack issue in Mobile App Authentication API 6218 03-Mar-2023
CVE-2022-36413 High Reset password vulnerability in Password Sync Agent 6218 03-Mar-2023
CVE-2022-34829 High DoS attack issue in Mobile App Deployment API 6203 30-Jun-2022
CVE-2022-28987 Low User enumeration vulnerability 6202 27-Jun-2022
CVE-2021-37423 High Password Sync Agent functionality breach 6200 24-May-2022
CVE-2022-28810 High Authenticated Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 6122 09-Apr-2022
CVE-2022-24681 Low Stored XSS 6121 03-Mar-2022
CVE-2021-44228 Critical Log4j dependency 6119 21-Dec-2021
CVE-2021-20147 Medium Domain user exposure 6116 30-Sep-2021
CVE-2021-20148 Medium Domain password policy exposure 6116 30-Sep-2021
CVE-2021-40539 Critical Authentication bypass 6114 07-Sep-2021
CVE-2021-37420 Critical E-mail MIME injection 6112 26-Aug-2021
CVE-2021-37422 Medium Boolean SQL injection 6112 26-Aug-2021
CVE-2021-37424 High Account takeover via machine account creation 6112 26-Aug-2021
CVE-2021-37419 High Server-side request forgery (SSRF) attack in the high availability environment 6112 26-Aug-2021
CVE-2021-37927 High Account takeover 6110 29-Jul-2021
CVE-2021-33055 Critical Remote code authentication using PowerShell injection 6105 26-May-2021
CVE-2021-37417 Medium CAPTCHA bypass vulnerability 6104 08-May-2021
CVE-2021-27956 High Cross-Site-Scripting attack 6104 08-May-2021
CVE-2021-37416 Medium Reflected Cross-Site-Scripting attack 6104 08-May-2021
CVE-2021-31874 High Database application information exposure 6104 08-May-2021
CVE-2021-37421 Medium Admin portal access restriction bypass via X-Forwarded-For header 6104 08-May-2021
CVE-2021-28958 Critical Unauthenticated remote code execution during password change function 6102 20-Mar-2021
CVE-2019-7161 High Fixed ciphering keys 6100 31-Dec-2020
CVE-2020-11552 High Unauthenticated remote code execution 6003 24-Jul-2020

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