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Stop users abusing the
self-service functionality.

Why approval workflow for self-service?

Security and usability concerns have kept many businesses away from giving password and IT self-service solutions a try. ADSelfService Plus’ Approval Workflow for self-service helps businesses confidently embrace self-service solutions by letting IT admins and help desk technicians keep control of users’ self-service actions. Once enabled, all self-service actions by end users, such as self-password resets, self-profile update, and self-service group management, will go through a predefined workflow. Help desk technicians can review the self-service requests for security and data quality before approving them.

How to enable
Approval Workflow?


A secure and consistent self-service: Help desk assisted password reset, account unlock, self-directory update and group subscription ensures that the self-service operations performed by end users are secure and consistent. For example, if the mobile number self-updated by a user doesn’t match the format used by the organization, it can be rejected by the admin before it gets updated in Active Directory.

Reduced costs and improved productivity: Empower non-IT staff to oversee important, yet day-to-day activities such as group management and directory profile update. Put the onus of verifying a user’s self-service action, such as a group membership request, on the group owner or user’s manager. Free up IT staff to focus on other important activities.

Freedom to choose pure vs. assisted password self-service: ADSelfService Plus supports OU and group-based policies through which certain end users, such as managers and C-level executives, can be provided with a pure password self-service experience, while other users’ self-service requests such as password reset and directory self-update go through the approval workflow process.

Enable Approval Workflow for IT
and Password Self-Service

Read this solution brief to see how approval workflow for self-service can help you ensure security and consistency of users' self-service actions.

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