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Group Subscription

Self-service group management

AD groups play a crucial role in the IAM strategy of any Windows-based organization as they are used to regulate user access to several resources, including email communication groups. However, the sheer number of groups and the frequency with which users' roles change in an organization make group management a challenging task.

ADSelfService Plus supports a self-service group management system through which users can opt in to and opt out of selected security and distribution groups on their own, provided they satisfy the group subscription policies prescribed by their IT administrators.

Highlights of self-service group management

Quite often, users find themselves emailing or calling the help desk to request access to a particular email group. With a bit of research on the organizational hierarchy or departmental roles, administrators can easily identify the email groups that a user would need in their line of duty. These groups can be made available to end users with a group subscription policy.

Here are some star features of self-service group management:

  • Administrators can define group subscription policies that determine the groups available for a specific user.
  • Subscription policies act as a security barrier that prevents unauthorized subscriptions to groups.
  • Administrators can take this a step further and enable an approval workflow. This way, they can oversee every self-service action a user performs.
  • Administrators can also allow users to view the members of the groups to which they can subscribe.

How self-service group management works in ADSelfService Plus

  1. The admin creates policies that decide the groups available to users for opting in or out.
  2. The user logs in to the ADSelfService Plus portal and goes to the Groups tab.

    Self-service group management

  3. They can see the available groups here and add themselves to or remove themselves from them.
  4. If an approval workflow has been set up, each self-service action will need to be approved by the admin.

Benefits of self-service group management

By deploying a self-service tool for AD group membership changes, you can:

  • Reduce costs: As users self-subscribe to groups, you can reduce the help desk tickets raised for mail group subscriptions.
  • Improve user satisfaction and productivity: Users get quick access to the required resources and permissions without having to wait for hours.
  • Free users from unwanted emails: A user can leverage self-service mail group subscriptions and subscription cancellations at will to receive only those emails that best fit their role.

Empower users to opt in to and opt out of groups themselves.

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