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Service Pack

ADSelfService Plus Service Pack Installation

Make sure that you take backups before migrating; and apply the service packs given under the upgrade path one by one, in the same order.
For Build Number How do I find my build number? Upgrade Path to the Latest Build 5500Find out what′s new
  1. Upgrade to 5.5
5300 through 5330
  1. Upgrade to 5.4
  2. Upgrade to 5.5
5200 through 5208
  1. Upgrade to 5.3
  2. Upgrade to 5.4
  3. Upgrade to 5.5
5100 through 5116
  1. Upgrade to 5.2
  2. Upgrade to 5.3
  3. Upgrade to 5.4
  4. Upgrade to 5.5
5000 through 5041
  1. Upgrade to 5.1
  2. Upgrade to 5.2
  3. Upgrade to 5.3
  4. Upgrade to 5.4
  5. Upgrade to 5.5

For Builds Older Than 5000, Click Here

Service Pack Installation Steps:

Follow steps 1 through 9 to apply the service pack.
  1. Shut down ADSelfService Plus
    • If the product runs as an application, click on Start --› All Programs --› ADSelfService Plus --› Stop ADSelfService Plus.
    • If the product runs as a windows service, click on Start --› Run --› type "services.msc" --› Stop "ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus".
  2. Execute the stopDB.bat file under <ADSelfService Plus>\bin directory.
  3. Backup ADSelfService Plus by zipping the contents of <ADSelfService Plus> directory.
  4. In case of MS SQL Database Server, take a backup of the database also.
  5. Open Command Prompt and execute the UpdateManager.bat file under <ADSelfService Plus>\bin directory.
    For Windows Vista, Server 2008 and higher machines with User Account Control enabled, start the Command Prompt as an administrator (right-click Command Prompt and select 'Run as Administrator')
  6. Click Browse and select the .ppm file that you have downloaded.
  7. Click on Install for the service pack. Depending on the amount of data to be migrated, the installation procedure may take a few minutes. Please do not terminate prematurely.
  8. Click Close and then Exit to quit Update Manager tool.
  9. Start ADSelfService Plus.
Note:If you need to apply more than one service pack, follow the same instructions for each installation.
How do I find out my Current build number?
  1. Log in to the ADSelfService Plus web client.
  2. Click on the License link at the top right corner.
  3. Find the Build number.
Need Help?
You can contact ADSelfService Plus Support at any time for assistance in upgrading ADSelfService Plus to the latest version.

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