Admin Configurations 

    The Admin home page lists all ServiceDesk Plus MSP features that the administrator must configure under each module. To access this page, make sure you have logged in with your administrator credentials. 

    Click the Admin icon  in the top right corner to begin configuring your help desk.



    Help Desk Customizer

    Under this section, you will configure fields necessary to process incoming Requests. You'll also configure request templates to reduce the time spent in adding repetitive data into the request form.


    Service Catalog

    The Service Catalog section lists the categories, additional fields, SLAs, and Business Rules that can be specifically cofigured for Service Requests.


    MSP Details

    In this section, you'll add administrative information such as addresses, sites, holidays, operational hour, regions, sites, and departments. These details will captured in POs and Contracts generated through this application. You'll also configure Mail Server Settings, Service Level Aggreements, and Business Rules for the entire organization.


    Here, you'll define the user roles, mode of user import, user/support groups, and technician auto assign.


    Problem/Change Management

    Under this section, you'll configure problem and change-specific features such Change Type, the CAB, Problem Closure Rules, Change Custom Triggers, and so on.


    Project Management

    Here, you'll configure all project features such as Project Types, Roles, Status, Additional Fields, and Templates.



    In this section, you'll download the Windows Scanning Agent and configure it. You'll also add the domains, networks, remote control tools, and other resources necessary to discover and add and manage your assets in ServiceDesk Plus.


    Asset Management

    Under this section, you'll configure all settings necessary to ensure effective asset management. You'll configure the necessary asset type, vendor details, asset state, relationship between assets, and the like.



    In this section will be captured all software-specific configurations such as license type, category, type, and the like. 


    Purchase/Contract Management

    Under this section, configure details or features necessary to manage all your purchases and contracts. This section will capture the base currency in use in the organization and the various currencies that your vendor may us.


    User Survey

    Here you can configure the settings to send out surveys to your end users. In addition, you'll be able to view survey reports here.


    General Settings

    Here you'll configure all the application-wide settings, including the self-service portal, SSL import, proxy and privacy settings, and API.



    Under this section, you can configure the various integrations that ServiceDesk Plus brings you. Configure integrations with ADManager PlusADSelfService Plus, DesktopCentral, Mobile Device Manager Plus, OpManager, Password Manager Pro, and Zoho Creator App.


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