Helpdesk Customizer

    Under this section, the administrator (SDAdmin) configures the various fields of the Incident, Service, Change, and Request form. All the necessary request fields are already configured and hard-coded in the application. However, you can add custom fields to suit your specific requirement.

    Under the Help Desk Customizer, you can configure the following:

    Feature Explanation
    Category Create categories, sub-categories, and items to classify your requests for efficient handling in terms of technician assignment or template selection. 
    Status Status helps identify and track the progress of any request. Helps in SLA adherence.
    Level Define level to identify how difficult or complex the logged request. Helps in assigning the right technician with required expertise. 
    Mode Configure the various ways to log a request in the application. 
    Impact Create varying levels of an incident request's impact on the smooth functioning of the business.
    Urgency Define how soon or urgent it is to close a request depending on its business impact.
    Priority Configure which request must be picked first.
    Priority Matrix Select the priority and urgency values on this matrix to define the actual priority of each request.
    Request Type Define the various types of help desk requests that can be logged with the application.
    Worklog Type Create work logs, specific to your organization, that technicians can add.
    Task Types Define the different types of tasks that can be logged in the application. 
    Task Template Create templates for tasks to save time and effort spent in redundant work.
    Task Closing Rules Define the mandatory fields that technicians must fill if they have to close a task. 
    Worklog - Additional Fields Add any type of field into the worklog to collect specific information.
    Worklog Additional Cost Items

    Add additional cost items for techinicians to select when adding worklogs to a request.


    Notification Rules Configure notification rules for each module to notify technicians on various helpdesk activities.
    Announcement Type Define announcement types that provide additional information on announcements.
    User - Additional Felds Configure additional fields to be displayed on a user profile.
    Configure Account Info Choose account attributes to display on account info dialog box across the application.


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