Login Index Page


    The login page of all users of ServiceDesk Plus - MSP has various useful information displayed that enables an administrator, a technician , or a requester to take necessary action. The following are available in login home page, based on the login credentials of the user:

    1. My View that displays the request summary. In the requester login, the dashboard displays the number of open requests raised by them, closed requests raised by them, and all requests they have raised.

    2. Tracking your tasks using the Reminders section.

    3. Add, Edit, or Delete Announcements that can be displayed for all users of ServiceDesk Plus - MSP or only to the technicians.

    4. Global view providing information on purchase order delivery schedules, contracts expiring schedules, and request related graphs.

    5. License Expiry alert and prompt for registering ServiceDesk Plus - MSP .

    License Expiry Alert


    Just below the header tabs the license expiry alert will be displayed as shown below,



    The license expiry alert provides remaining number of days for the existing license to get expired. And also it provides the date by which the license has to be renewed. The option to purchase the license such as sales contact email ID, link to apply the upgraded license are also provided.

    You have an option where you can set the number of days after which you want this reminder to be displayed. Once you choose the number of days from the combo box, click OK, the reminder will disappear and will again be displayed after the specified time frame.

    If you do not want to choose the number of days and want the reminder to be available every time you login, then clicking Hide link at the top left corner of the license expiry alert box will temporarily hide the alert box.


    To register ServiceDesk Plus - MSP , you can just click the link click here to apply in the license alert box. This opens the license upgrade window. To apply the license, refer to the topic Registering ServiceDesk Plus - MSP .





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