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The increased adoption of hybrid work by organizations is constantly changing the workspace, and its digital requirements are changing, too. This poses multiple challenges for MSPs who have to manage and secure the digital perimeter of their customers while delivering key services to end users. To manage this, MSPs should focus on strengthening the fundamentals and their core IT service management practices, and on implementing them alongside a well-equipped IT service management platform.

Let's check out what a comprehensive, industry-recommended ITSM tool can offer to help revolutionize your service management strategy.



From the most trivial of issues to major incidents, an ITSM solution for MSPs can help you tackle these incidents and their underlying problems. From categorizing incoming incident tickets to assigning them to technicians to the point of closure, the entire process is dealt with in a standardized manner so that no tickets go unresponded to or unattended. Issues are addressed in such a way that the root cause is discovered and fixed to resolve the issue completely and minimize downtime.


successful changes

IT infrastructure changes are inevitable. An ITSM tool can help you set up different workflows for different types of changes, set up a change advisory board (CAB), get relevant approvals, keep stakeholders informed with timely notifications, and more to execute changes successfully right from within the tool.


Optimally utilizing
IT and non-IT assets

An ITSM solution that adheres to industry standards is capable of helping you track all your clients' IT and non-IT assets remotely and centrally. It can also help you optimize asset utilization, avoid vulnerabilities, and ensure license compliance. Ultimately, it helps you manage your clients' entire asset life cycle from the discovery of the assets to their disposal.


Visually tracking
the progress of projects

An ITSM solution has the ability to provide a bird's-eye view of an entire project and break it down into smaller tasks and milestones so that it's simple to monitor the project's progress in stages. It's also usually connected to other ITSM processes, which helps enable changes and resolve major incidents and problems with ease.


Enhancing service
delivery experience

ITSM solutions should also be able to list out all your services in a catalog so your end users can view and avail your services with ease, and provide a knowledge base to help your end users help themselves. It should also contain a CMDB module that works closely with the IT asset management module to get a microscopic view into the relationships between assets and configuration items (CIs), and analyze the business impact of any outages or change implementations.


ITSM software workflow for MSPs

Key ITSM practices in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Incident management

As an MSP, handling incidents is a never-ending, cumbersome process that you deal with day in and day out. ServiceDesk Plus MSP helps you utilize multi-channel support, built-in categorization options, and automations to swiftly address IT tickets for your clients and adhere to all SLAs. Manage the entire life cycle of your tickets while reducing outages.

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Handling incident tickets in ITSM platform
Efficient problem management in ITSM tool

Problem management

With ServiceDesk Plus MSP, you can get to the root of a problem, track records to assess an issue, and plan an effective workflow that leads to quick problem resolution. Create new problems or update existing issues, and convert logged incidents into a problem or a problem into a change. Make account-specific announcements to inform all users of a problem, notify technicians of problem-related actions, set up reminders, and much more.

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Change management

Manage and plan the different stages of a change, review completed changes, prepare templates for pre-approved and standard changes, notify the CAB, and more to carry out successful changes with ServiceDesk Plus MSP. Configure unique workflows visually for different types of changes, associate tasks with options to trigger them when specific events occur, and create easy-to-access CAB recommendations. To keep the involved stakeholders informed, configure automatic notifications and timely announcements.

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Robust change management in ITSM solution
Asset management process in ITSM software

Asset management

With ServiceDesk Plus MSP, track and manage the complete life cycle of all your clients' IT and non-IT assets centrally. Discover all the assets in your clients' organizations using domain scan, network scan, distributed asset scan, barcode scan, etc. Schedule automatic scans periodically to update asset information. Run scripts to identify and import information about individual assets, and maintain a detailed asset inventory for each account that includes essential details such as CI type, lease status and expiry, asset state, associations, and purchase cost.

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IT project management

As a combination of a professional services automation solution with help desk capabilities, ServiceDesk Plus MSP blends help desk and IT project management so you can organize your projects, teams, and workflows for all your clients in one location. Track the statuses of each project with the color-coded Gantt chart, assign project roles, and customize access permissions accordingly. Associate tasks to projects and determine the task dependencies, check out different milestones associated with each project along with its tasks, and maintain a record of associated costs for each project.

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Streamline IT project management in ITSM tool
Personalize services catalog in ITSM platform

Service Catalog

Providing managed services can be a troublesome task without a clearly organized and personalized catalog of all the services that an MSP provides. With ServiceDesk Plus MSP, provide a complete, personalized catalog of your services to your end users. Sort your services into different service categories and post them as a service catalog in the self-service portal for your clients. To quickly fulfill client requests, you can also design customized workflows and automated processes as well as associate suitable tasks and SLAs with services.

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Manage IT assets throughout their life cycle by visually showing the relationships between CIs and analyzing the business effect of any downtime or change deployments. Import CIs into the system, utilize predefined CI and relationship types, and define the hierarchy of CI types. Use the visualization map to get in-depth information on CI relationships. Moreover, you can view all the pending requests, problems, and changes related to assets, business services, or IT services directly on the relationship map.

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IT asset management in MSP software
Knowledge base in ITSM platform for MSPs

Knowledge base

Give your existing knowledge database a boost with ServiceDesk Plus MSP, or start from scratch with simple templates and resolutions from previously resolved tickets. Create personalized, knowledge-rich articles unique to your accounts and provide solutions, workarounds, and FAQs in a classified manner. Ensure the quality of knowledge articles with an approval process for adding solutions. Add the latest resolutions as knowledge base articles from tickets, tag solutions with keywords for easy access while searching, and allow the right audience to view knowledge articles by controlling access permissions.

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