Languages supported in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

You can now run ServiceDesk Plus MSP in your native language and support non-English users as well. ServiceDesk Plus MSP is offered in the 37 languages listed below

How to get it working in your language

The download file and the installation procedure remains unchanged. Download the exe or the bin and install it; the installation screens will be in English. Complete the ServiceDesk Plus MSP installation and launch the ServiceDesk Plus MSP client, or navigate to http://localhost:8080 in your browser. The ServiceDesk Plus MSP screens will be displayed in the language selected by your browser. For example, if the default language of your browser is Spanish, ServiceDesk Plus MSP screens will be displayed in Spanish.

To change the display language of ServiceDesk Plus MSP, click the Personalize link at the top of the screen and select a language from the list.

Supported languages

* For purchasing Chinese and Japanese licenses, kindly contact our local offices in China, Taiwan, and Japan.