Security advisory

Privilege escalation vulnerability in query reports

CVE ID : CVE-2022-40772

Product Name Severity Affected Version(s) Fixed Version(s) Fixed On
ServiceDesk Plus Medium 14000 and below 14001 Oct. 14, 2022
ServiceDesk Plus MSP Medium 10608 and below 10609 Sept. 26, 2022
SupportCenter Plus Medium 11024 and below 11025 Oct. 13, 2022
AssetExplorer Medium 6980 and below 6981 Oct. 13, 2022


This vulnerability allows an adversary to access restricted data in the Postgres database setup by using a specific PostgreSQL function in the query, which enables bypassing the validation mechanism.


Users who have access to query reports can access restricted data.

Steps to upgrade

  1. Download the latest upgrade pack from the following links for the respective products:
  2. Apply the latest build to your existing product installation as per the upgrade pack instructions provided in the above links.


This vulnerability was reported by Piotr Bazydlo (@chudypb) of Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact product support for further details at the below-mentioned email addresses.

ServiceDesk Plus:

ServiceDesk Plus MSP:

SupportCenter Plus:


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