In Episode 3, we'll explore how organizations can use visual workflow builders to systematize various ITSM practices, including incident and problem management; service request fulfillment; and change, project, release, and asset management. Learn to design graphical life cycles and workflows on an easy-to-use canvas to guide IT teams, minimize errors, and ensure perfect adherence to organizational processes.

In this episode, we'll walk you through the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. In the Before stage of any transition, you can set criteria to match the required template. This will display the transition only if the criteria are met. Additionally, you can associate a request life cycle with the required template to ensure that all the requests raised using the template are managed according to the life cycle.

You can avail the Project Management module with the Enterprise edition of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud and as an add-on with the Standard and Professional editions. Make sure you have the required Project roles and privileges to access the module. For example, the Project Admin has full control over the Project Management module. Other Project roles can be customized with the necessary access permissions according to your needs.

A life cycle is a visual map that guides technicians through requests, problems, and asset states. Organizations can design life cycles to standardize processes, minimize human errors, automate various actions, and ensure adherence to organizational processes. You can visit our help guide to learn more about life cycles.

A workflow is a directional pathway that can customize and automate change and release management in your organization. By using workflows, IT teams can deploy changes and releases in a controlled manner, thereby minimizing errors, risks, and downtime. To learn more about workflows, read our admin guide.

When a requester replies, the request moves to the Open status. Using Triggers and the associated Custom Function feature, the request status can be changed to In progress automatically when a requester replies.

No, not currently. We are planning to implement the feature for change workflows soon. Refer to our prerelease notes and our What's new page to learn more about the upcoming features and the latest enhancements in workflows.

Life cycles are available in all editions. Custom functions are available only in the Enterprise edition of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.

For further information, you can write to and we'll be glad to help you.

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