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US Army
US Army
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Department of Labor
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Phoenix Police Department
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Nwleicestershire District Council
District Council
Motor Accidents Authority
Motor Accidents Authority

The Business Need :

Quality Citizen response becomes indispensable in government organizations with the rising expectations of the citizens. Much to the chagrin of the government agencies, the service expectations are always on par with the commercial sector.

Government budgets could at times get disturbingly reduced so that the public sector organizations have to really optimize on all fronts. Meanwhile not compromising on the effective functioning of the service delivery model for both internal & external customers. Justification of expenses has surfaced in most government organizations in almost all localities, states, provinces or central governments. These organizations are constantly on their hunt for right software at an affordable price to live upto the expectations of the citizens in the service delivery.

Our Solution :

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus - Lake Havasu City

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus could fillip the citizen response system by making it more effective and efficient. The transformation that a citizen response system undergoes with the use of ServiceDesk Plus could be a drastic cut down on the average response time for a request from a citizen. This is achieved by quick resolution of requests resulting from better co-ordination amongst the various departments.

ServiceDesk plus brings up an affordable yet efficient pubic sector help desk solution for enhanced service delivery. Staff productivity coupled with reduced cost can be instrumental in ensuring appropriate and quick resolution of public enquiries and request for services leading to a great public perception of your organization.

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