Mobile Device Manager Plus is available in 3 variants: Standard, Professional, and Free edition.

The following table lists the various features that are available in each edition. Please note that the add-ons—Failover Server (exclusive to on-premises) and Multi-Language Pack, as well as the optional Secure Gateway Server component (exclusive to on-premises)—are available for both the Standard and Professional editions.


- functional for all devices based on the license count
- Not available

Features Standard Professional Free
Suitable for Basic Device Management All Round Mobile Device Management Managing up to 25 mobile devices
Annual Subscription per device price

On-Premises: $10

Cloud: $13

On-Premises: $18

Cloud: $24

Device Enrollment
Apple Business Manager / Apple Device Enrollment Program      
Apple Configurator      
Samsung Knox Enrollment      
EMM Token Enrollment      
Zero Touch Enrollment      
NFC Enrollment      
Chromebook Enrollment      
Windows 10 & 11 Enrollment      
Azure Enrollment (AutoPilot)      
Profile Management
Per-App VPN      
Kiosk Mode      
Home Screen Layout Customization      
Web Content Filtering      
Exchange ActiveSync      
Enterprise SSO      
Certificate deployment      
Device Functionality Restrictions      
Content Management      
FileVault Encryption      
Firmware Password      
Custom configuration      
CA server integration      
App Management
Apple Business Manager / Volume Purchase Program      
Android Enterprise / Android for Work      
Windows Store for Business      
Chrome Web Store      
Schedule and Automate App Updates      
Blocklisting Apps      
Office 365 MAM policies      
Office 365 Conditional Access      
Security Management
OS Update Management      
Remote Alarm      
Remote Lock      
Remote Wipe      
Lost Mode (Find My Phone)      
Reset Passcode      
Asset Management
Location History      
Remote Control      
Battery Level Tracking      
Device Scanning      
E-mail Management
Conditional Exchange Access*      
E-mail Attachment Viewer      
Reports and Audit
Pre-defined Reports      
Query Reports*      
Scheduled Reports      
Active Directory Authentication      
Two Factor Authentication      
Role based Access Control      

* currently not supported in Cloud