Customer Testimonials

" ADManager Plus free tools is a toolkit of over 14 different utilities that enhance Active Directory's capabilities making it easier to manage mundane tasks. Users can be informed when their AD accounts have been locked out or their passwords are about to expire. The duplicate objects finder is excellent for cleaning up huge directories. Another interesting utility is the Terminal Session Manager with which the administrator can utilize a PowerShell cmdlet to find and manage a range of terminal sessions from a centralized location. This is particularly useful because it allows you to manage and disconnect multiple users from one location. The result is an Active Directory administrative experience that is more versatile than Active Directory alone and is free in every way. "
- Tim Keary, Network Administration expert

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" AD Tools are great for the time-crunched administrator who wants a cost-and-worry free "toolkit" for some of the most common and annoying Active Directory tasks. While none of the tools are groundbreaking individually, and some administrators undoubtedly already have scripts that perform some functions, they are collectively very useful in a pinch. Give AD Tools a try today! "
- Justin Shin

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