Linux Patch Management

Automate Linux Patch Management

Patching computers has been one of most redundant and tiring tasks.  Managing a network with computers, running on multiple operating systems, makes it even more complex. Desktop Central has now made patch management simpler than ever. You can now patch computers running Windows, Mac and Linux from a single console. You can automate the complete process and ensure that all your systems are up-to-date. Expect zero down time, increase productivity, keep away vulnerability, save time and effort spent in patching computers.

Using Desktop Central you can schedule the patch deployment task. The complete network will be scanned periodically to detect the computers, where security updates and critical patches are missing. These missing patches will be downloaded from the respective vendors website and deployed to the target computers automatically. You can also calculate the status of the system health, based on the number of missing patches. 

Linux Patch Management Architecture

The Linux patch management architecture remains the same as windows and Mac. To know more about patch management architecture, refer to this: Patch Management Architecture

Supported Versions

 Desktop Central supports patch management for computers running ubuntu and Debian (all active versions) operating system.

To know more about the supported applications refer to this: Patch Management Supported Applications.

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