Mac Patch Management

Automated Patch Management Software for Mac

ManageEngine Desktop Central has become more enviable now. System Administrators can now manage a heterogeneous network using Desktop Central. Even the most complex tasks like patching various applications from time to time has now become a cake walk. System administrators can schedule the patch management process and automate it. Patching computers(Windows & Mac) which are located across the world is no more a daunting task.

"A sound mind in a sound body" is a saying, so does the health of computers. Systems health and vulnerability plays a vital role to determine employees productivity and business continuity. Thereby the success of every business heavily depends on the healthy network which means all the computers need to be patched with the latest updates periodically. So every enterprise needs a Patch Management Software, to ensure that all applications, to run their business are maintained updated. . For instance, Apple and other third parties release an array of patches of various applications from time to time. It becomes extremely important for enterprises to keep abreast with the latest patch updates. Every system Administrators dream and hunt has ended with Desktop Central.

Mac Patch Management Architecture

The mac patch management architecture remains the same as windows. To know more about patch management architecture, refer to this: Patch Management Architecture

Mac Supported Versions

Desktop Central supports Patch Management for computers using the following versions of Mac operating system .

Mac Supported Applications

To know more about the supported applications refer to this: Patch Management Supported Applications.

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