Warranty management System : Monitor & track the warranty information of every computer you manage

"As our organization is centralized and we are getting bigger, we needed a tool for our team that could help us to manage more than 500 workstations in our offices. In the past we did a lot of manual scripting and manual update installations for business applications and third party tools (adobe/java), which was very time consuming. With Desktop Central (now Endpoint Central), we are now working much more efficient and we save a lot of time for other operations. The reports are also a very big plus, as now the warranty status for our hardware is automatically detected. We know exactly which systems are getting out of warranty pro-actively. The AD integration is perfect as it can work with more than one domain. All in all, I am very satisfied with this product (and also with ME Servicedesk Plus) as now we have full remotely control on all our workstations. Last but not least, the ME support team does a great job! I would recommend Desktop Central to any IT department with similar challenges! "

Hassan el Boutahiri, IT Manager, Barentz International B.V.

A warranty management system keeps tabs on the warranty information of IT assets so that any IT hardware can be replaced and fixed by the vendor in case of any fault or damage in a timely manner. An automated warranty management software tracks the validity of repair and service period offered by various vendors so that any hardware can be upgraded before its warranty expires, thereby reducing costs and maximizing ROI on your IT devices.

Warranty Tracking Software by Endpoint Central

Endpoint Central's warranty tracking feature allows you to record warranty information of related IT hardware assets used at your enterprise. With this warranty tracking software, you can input details like the Service Tag, the date of purchase and expiry of the asset etc. The Endpoint Central agent residing on the client machine scans for various asset details. This information is sent to the Endpoint Central Server and verified with the inputs that were earlier recorded. With absolutely no intervention required by your organization's IT administrator, you can automate the entire process of warranty management using our warranty tracking software.

Warranty Management System - ManageEngine Endpoint Central

Warranty Management System Reports

This warranty management software offers you a set of specialized reports such as:

  1. Soon-to-Expire Warranty Report

    This report lists computers for which the warranty is to expire soon along with the days left for the warranty to expire.
  2. Expired Warranty Report

    This report gives a list of computers for which the surety has already expired.
  3. Unidentified Computers Report

    This report provides the list of computers for which the warranty was not discovered.

What is software warranty?

A software warranty is a form of contract listing the condition and performance of a software that is guaranteed by the software manufacturer. Software warranty is essential while purchasing a software so that repairs and fixes are covered in the event of any error. A software warranty management system is used to track the warranty of the software and also at times, hardware. A good waranty management software is needed to automate this process.

What is warranty management software?

Generally a warranty on a software or hardware is provided as an assurance of its quality. A warranty management software compiles all software and hardware warranty information so that you can ask manufacturers to deal with technical issues arising in the product and fix them in a timely manner. A good warranty tracking software lets you keep tabs on devices and software, track their warranty details and address issues according to terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer. This in turn, saves you a lot of money and keeps your IT infrastructure up to date.

Why do you need a warranty management software?

It is very intrinsic for system administrators to employ a hardware and software warranty management software in their organization to keep track of the warranty details of the IT assets they manage and to avail the additional protection for the products in case of damage or fault. Be it a crack on the screen, an error in the RAM, a hard drive crash or any premature malfunction of the computer, a warranty tracking software ensures you do not miss out the warranty that you could have made use of to replace or fix it. A warranty management system increases the chances of enhancing the software and hardware quality thereby increasing the operational capacity.

Importance of warranty management of IT assets

Warranty Management Software - ManageEngine Endpoint Central

Different vendors offer standard warranties for their numerous products. Endpoint Central's waranty management software supports warranty management for major manufacturers like Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo among many others and automatically retrieves the information of the computers. As a warranty management software, it eases the burden on you to remember to renew warranties, protecting you from unexpected repair costs by providing complete visibility into your guarantees and privileges.

Managing your entitlements is made easy with our warranty management solution which helps to get a comprehensive view of the warranty details of the inventories by providing these reports. You can also schedule tasks to receive these reports by mail by specifying the frequency. The reports can also be exported in PDF and CSV file formats. Overall, Endpoint Central's doubles as a warranty tracking software with a suite of warranty management options along with endpoint management and security.

Refer the Viewing Warranty Reports topic in the online help for details.

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