Software Inventory

Manage and Audit Software Inventory in your IT Environment

Inventory management software for Linux - ManageEngine Desktop Central

Our very own software inventory tool helps you stay on top of all the software related changes or additions in your network and ensures that you're software audit ready at all times.

Supported OS

Desktop Central offers software inventory feature for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Click on the link to know more about the overall IT asset management software and its features.

Software License Management

Software inventory for Linux & Mac - ManageEngine Desktop Central

View detailed reports on software license compliance, licenses that need to be reviewed, receive notifications before a license is about to expire and avoid hefty non-compliance fines.

Software Metering

With our built-in reports, you can view the number of installations of different software assets across your network, the number of times the software was used, the usage period and other relevant details that help you with license optimization.

Granular Control and Visibility

Windows software inventory - ManageEngine Desktop Central

Prohibit software across your network and prevent execution of applications from an external drive by blocking executables. Set up real-time alerts for every time a software is installed/uninstalled within your network and view reports for recently installed software.

Built-in Software Reports

Windows software inventory - ManageEngine Desktop Central

View inventory reports for all the software assets within your network, within a few seconds. Whether you need a user-specific software report or a report of computers with/without a particular software, Desktop Central has got your back.

IT Asset Management on the go

Manage both software and hardware assets within your network using Desktop Central's mobile app anywhere, anytime!

Software Product Keys

Desktop central allows you to store all your software product keys centrally, making it convenient to fetch one whenever required.

Desktop Central's Software Inventory Process

Desktop Central IT asset management software periodically scans all the Windows, Linux and Mac computers and servers in a network to collect and store hardware and software inventory details. This data is presented in the form of reports with details about software along with the usage metrics for each computer/user. With our software metering and license management capabilities, Desktop Central's IT Asset Management is the only solution you'll ever need for a comprehensive management & audit of your software inventory.

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What our customers have to say:

"The hardware and software inventory tools let me find out anything and everything installed on a particular computer in a matter of moments." -K. Ryan Coe, Sunrise Communications

"I get a great view of the hardware and software inventory of my systems and the remote control application lets me manage most issues without leaving my desk." -Rick Kaczanko, Village of Plainfield IL