Creating up a group for remote users who rarely connect to internet using VPN how to?


This document helps you to manage a group of users in a remote office who are mobile most of the time. Since these users are mobile, they do not connect to the distribution server while roaming. They use VPN and connect to the main office LAN directly.

It is difficult to manage these computers, because they do not reach the distribution server often. So in order to manage such mobile users, it is recommended to create a separate remote office with direct communication using the VPN. So that every time the remote users come online, the agents would communicate with the Endpoint Central server directly.To create a seperate remote office for such users follow the steps mentioned below.


  1. Click the Admin tab
  2. In the Global Settings section, click Scope of Management
  3. Click on Remote Offices tab
  4. Click on Add Remote Office
  5. Enter the name for Remote Office
  6. Select commiunication type as Direct Communication
  7. Specify the communication interval and data transsfer rate.
  8. Specify the type of connecttion as secure or normal mode.
  9. Configure proxy settings if any
  10. Specify the remote control settings like compression and colour quality.
  11. Click on Add Computers to add the list of remote users who need to be managed.
  12. If you are sure of the name and ip address of the computers that need to be managed specify that.
  13. Click on Add to add the newly created remote office.

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