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Viewing Vulnerable Systems Report

The Vulnerable Systems Report provides you a snapshot of the healthy and vulnerable systems in your network.

To view the report, click the Vulnerable Systems Report link available under the Reports tab. The details of the managed systems and their related patches are shown here:

  • Computer Name: The name of the system.

  • OS Name: The operating system of the computer.

  • Total Patches: Total count of the patches applicable to this system. 

  • Installed Patches: Total count of the patches that are installed. 

  • Missing Patches: Count of the patches that are missing in the system.

  • Health: The overall health of the system.

Application and Patch Summary Report

Clicking the system count from the Vulnerable Systems Report, provides you the application-wise patch details for that system with their state like installed, missing, informational, obsolete, etc.


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